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The PARC Programme The PARC Programme

Anyone can support the Pragmatic Agile Community,  but a select group of people will be able to attain a PARC (Pragmatic Agilist Recognition Certificate). This is a unique, pioneering, open source certification programme.

What is the PARC?

The PARC is not a training course. The certificate is recognition that you have the open-mindedness and adaptability to be pragmatic and are a true agilist, with a good understanding of the changes that can be made without compromising the agile principles.
This certificate will tell your clients that you will strive to optimise their business processes and interactions for their own unique needs.

The PARC submission process

PARC submissions will be reviewed by existing PARC holders through a two-stage application process. In order to submit yourself for a PARC you must first register your details on the website by signing up to the community. If you are already signed up, log in to see more.

The anti-agility of dogma (or why Agile is a Science and not a Faith)

The English Oxford Dictionary defines Dogma as...

A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true : 'the dogmas of faith'

To apply this to the agile world we only have to look at the Principles behind the Agile Manifesto. These principles are guidelines for good practice. If Agile, in it's purest form, was a faith then these principles would be akin to Christianity's ten commandments. 

The principles are based on experience and growth from many different business types using many different techniques over an extensive period of time. In this Agile is less like a faith and more like a science. It is in the latter that true agility can be found, not in the former.

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